Pre-Travel Physicals / Check-ups 2019-02-02T16:23:42-05:00

Do you need formal certification that you are in adequate health to go on your trip?
Do you want a check-up before you leave on your vacation or business trip?
Are you uncertain how you might do with strenuous hiking or other outdoor activities?

Dr. Klapowitz will perform an in-depth examination upon request. Blood draws, EKG’s, Chest x-ray, spirometry, pulmonary function testing, and urine analysis can all be performed and interpreted in-office. Should further testing be required (ie Stress Testing or other procedures), appointments can be rapidly scheduled with top-notch specialists.

Contact us to schedule a Pre-Travel Physical. The examination can be performed in conjunction with a Travel Consultation. The physical will add an hour to your visit at our office.

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