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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Their website provides detailed, country-specific travel information as well as information covering many travel topics (altitude, motion sickness, etc.). The CDC is a major source of travel health guidelines in the United States.
This State Department site provides general travel information as well as country-specific information. In addition, the opportunity to enroll in STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program). This, then, allows you to receive trip-specific health and safety updates and notifies the US State Department of your itinerary.
The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers. Their website provides country-specific information and, for a donation, provides lists of IAMAT-approved healthcare facilities worldwide as well as general information on travel medicine topics and travel health/evacuation insurance.
This site allows the user to perform a country-specific search to locate hospitals approved by the JCI (Joint Commission International, part of the US Joint Commission, a non-profit organization that sets the standards for and accredits most major US health organizations/hospitals).
Overseas Security Advisory Council. The OSAC site provides a country-specific search providing detailed safety and security information and alerts.
The International Narcotics Control Board maintains a list, searchable by country name, of individual countries’ rules regarding transporting narcotic medications and other controlled substances (Ambien, Klonopin, and many others) across their borders. Click on “TRAVELLERS” and then “REGULATIONS BY COUNTRY.” Note: The INCB recommends contacting the embassy/consulate of the intended country of visit, in addition to consulting this list (please see their disclaimer).

*Please note: This is not a comprehensive list. Hundreds of sites exist, these are just a few of the more well-known and prominent ones. Many of the sites above (and others) have downloadable smartphone apps. We are happy to provide other websites and further information during your Travel Medicine Consultation.

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