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For travel consultation appointments (see below), PLEASE CALL 646-648-1695. We see travelers age 12 and over. If you only require COVID-19 testing, please call us at 212-861-8976 and ask for COVID testing with Dr. Klapowitz.

Appointments may be scheduled for:

  • Initial Travel Medicine Consultations*
    Your first visit to our office. We get to know your medical history and travel plans, administer vaccinations, and prescribe malaria/other medications as needed.
  • Follow-up Visits for Vaccinations*
    This is for additional shots (if needed) to be given days or weeks after an initial visit.
  • Established Client Travel Medicine Consultations*
    If you have seen us in the past for a consultation, book this visit for a consultation for a new trip.
  • Pre-Travel Physicals
    An in-depth medical examination. Blood draws, EKG’s, chest x-ray, lung function testing, and urine analysis can all be performed in-office. Rapid referral to specialists as need.
  • Rabies Vaccination*
    This appointment is for Rabies vaccination only. Please note: We do not perform initial care for bite wounds or injuries and do not have immunoglobulin, but we will complete a Rabies series started in an emergency room or elsewhere. We also administer the vaccine for travel, work with animals, and all other indications.

*Please note: If we administer vaccinations, you may be required to stay in an examination room for 30 MINUTES afterwards to monitor for allergic reactions.

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