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For VACCINATION & CONSULTATION APPOINTMENTS, please fill out the contact form below or call us at 646-780-7705. (For polio vaccinations, you may also call 212-861-8976). Fees for visits and vaccinations are indicated below.

We see everyone age 12 and over for the following types of visits:

Travel Medicine Consultations

Dr. Klapowitz meets with you and reviews your medical history & travel plans, administers vaccinations (including Yellow Fever vaccine), and prescribes malaria and other medications as needed all on the same visit.

Human Rabies Vaccinations

  • We do not perform initial care for bite wounds or injuries and do not have immunoglobulin, but we will complete a rabies series started in an emergency room or elsewhere.
  • We also provide rabies vaccines for work (including veterinarians and veterinary students) and travel to rabies-risk locations.
  • There is no consultation fee. You pay only for each vaccination ($395 per vaccine).
  • Appointments are usually available same or next-day.
  • We also perform rabies titers. We then call you with the result and send a hard-copy and/or email as soon as it is completed.
  • For more rabies vaccination and disease information, please see RABIES.

Polio and Non-Travel-Related Vaccinations

We administer polio vaccine and non-travel related-vaccinations (MMR, HPV, other) as part of a short but thorough focused visit, reviewing the criteria for the specific shot and any important medical history you may have.

Pre-Travel Physicals

(age 18+ only) An in-depth medical examination from Dr. Klapowitz. Blood draws, EKG’s, lung function testing, and urine analysis can all be performed in-office. Rapid referrals to top specialists are provided as needed.


If you require COVID-19 TESTING (without a Travel Consultation), please call us at 646-780-7705 and ask for “COVID testing with Dr. Klapowitz.” We test age 4 and over. We perform two types of COVID-19 tests: 

Rapid Molecular Tests:

Nasal swab tests that use Nucleic Acid Amplification (NAAT, NEAR) technology. These COVID tests are considered more accurate than many of the rapid antigen tests.  Results return in about an hour. We charge $125.00 for the test.

PCR Tests:

Nasal swab tests that use Polymerase Chain Reaction technology. Results in 1-2 days.* We charge $125 for collection of specimen.

We can call you with the results of both tests and will gladly email you a copy, usually within an hour or so of our call.



Your entire visit is with Dr. Klapowitz in our new, private midtown office. Dr. Klapowitz will spend whatever time is necessary with you to determine your vaccination needs (usually fewer shots than the CDC lists), your medical needs (if any), and provide useful travel medical advice.

  • We charge $175.00 for a consultation. 
  • Consultations are required for vaccinations administered for travel purposes (Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis, Tick-Borne Encephalitis).
  • We charge $75 for a focused visit when we administer a specific vaccine unrelated to travel, such as MMR, HPV, and Meningitis B. No visit fee is charged for rabies.
  • Vaccination fees range from Typhoid ($115) to Yellow Fever ($195) to Rabies ($395 each shot). All shots are given during your visit.
  • All first appointments to our office require a $75.00 non-refundable booking fee. This fee goes towards your bill at the end of your visit.
  • We are non-par with insurance (insurance often does not cover travel-related medical advice and vaccinations even when you are seen in an “in-network” clinic).
  • We do provide a HCFA form to submit to your insurer for possible reimbursement of some or all of your visit expenses.
  • We participate with Medicare part “B” and will submit vaccination bills to Medicare for injections Medicare covers (ie influenza and pneumonia shots). Medicare “B” does not cover travel consultations or most travel-related vaccinations.


* Please note: We send our PCR specimens to an outside laboratory. Our results return reliably within 24 hours, but our PCR result time estimates are NOT a guarantee.

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